TV rights in Sports during COVID-19

May 6, 2020

In the World Economic Forum article that you can find here, it is explained how the traditional sports rely massively on broadcasting TV rights. “The major sports are all reliant on broadcasting income, as demonstrated by revenue data from the biggest leagues over the last five years. The global value of sports media rights is around $50bn – but 60% of that is accounted for by just 10 sports leagues.”
In 2020 when the market is moving to digital, it is necessary to find alternative ways for the sports federations to create income. As everything is evolving and life is constantly changing, this COVID-19 crisis is giving the sports world the opportunity of an evolution towards the future.
Connecting videogame to a real sport is now possible to LJQ, making the fans interacting with a real game will generate a new form of income for the leagues and the team, but most importantly will create the concept of 100% fans engagement and it will involve mainly Generations Z, the future of sports.
The secret of evolution is adaptation, in difficult times like this in every industry we have two choices, we can accept things and perish or we can adapt to the situation and keep growing.


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