May 4, 2020

Umberto Gandini President of the Italian basketball league declared that the teams loss for 2019/2020 season is around 40 millions of Euro. This amount could be very much higher if 2020/21 season will start with no fans in the arena.
It is a very possible scenario as the vaccine it will be ready not earlier than 2021.
Similar to the Italian League, also other European Basketball Leagues as well around the world Leagues have to face the Covid-19 crisis. That means a lot of teams will be in economic troubles and thousands of employees will lose their jobs. Players salary will sink and worldwide basketball will be deeply affected.
To help Worldwide basketball, LJQ has created a new way of monetization. Connecting a special mobile game (Hexagame) to the real basketball game. From the interaction of the two system we can allow fans to participate in a basketball game while they are following the streaming, and we will be able to create revenues for the clubs during the live game, but also during the weekdays when users keep playing the game.
Adaptation is the secret of evolution.


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