Technology will change traditional sports

May 28, 2020

As stated in the PwC 2019 sport survey: “Sports federations need to step up their performance if they are to continue playing a central role in the governance and development of their sports. To do so, they should establish focused strategies, with clarity concerning the way they are facing the market. They should turn to partnerships to ensure they have the right capabilities on hand to deliver. They need to embrace innovation so as to be in the position to bring the products and services demanded of them to market. Ultimately, as the world around them accelerates, sports federations need to act sooner rather than later to keep pace and avoid being left behind.”
From the report it is clear that technology is going to change the traditional sports way of being delivered. New generations and new digital markets require a different way to approach fans and followers to keep growing the federations.
The investment into technology in sports will grow from 8 billions Usd in 2018 to 21 billions Usd in 2022 (source NewZoo/Ameri Research Inc.). This is going to change the sports as we know it today, and it can be the opportunity to create a new sport concept which LJQ limited is bringing to life.
The 100% fans engagement that exist in Hexabasket will allow fans and spectators around the world to be directly connected to the sport court changing some parameters during the live game.


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