ICO President Thomas Bach about the future of Olympics after COVID19

May 5, 2020

In an open letter on the coronavirus pandemic, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach, has called the Olympic to “look more closely into the proliferation of sports events”.
The main goal is to start focusing on all possible scenario that are so uncertain at the moment regarding public sports event in 2021. "As challenging and difficult as the circumstances may appear right now, if we draw the right lessons from the current situation, we can shape our future to even strengthen the relevance of our Olympic Movement in the world," he said.
From his words its clear how there is the need to find different strategies and a different approach to sports after the COVID-19 crisis will be overcome. "Let us take this opportunity in a way of unity and creativity to emerge from this crisis even stronger than before. We should further strengthen these moves and encourage our joint working group to address this new challenge and opportunity.”
The interaction and unification between mobile games and selected traditional sports it is a creative solution that can save the sports in 2020 if it will not be possible to have spectators assisting live events. When the games will resume with no fans on the stadium or arena, the teams have to face a big economic loss due to tickets sale. Creating a new strategy, giving a possibility to sports team to have an extra income from a mobile game it is a way to allow sports economy to not crash and it could potentially save hundred thousand of jobs in the sport industry. 
The time to act is now!


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