May 1, 2020

COVID-19 is creating an unprecedent emergency around the world, which is affecting people’s life and the economy of every Country. Sports worldwide is preparing to go towards a deep crisis as all sports and all leagues are suspended indefinitely. It is safe to tell that probably until a cure or a vaccine will be found, in case the sports leagues will start again, spectators will not be able to assist live events again.
There will be definitely a large use of online streaming platforms to allow fans to follow their favorite teams, but it will take away the feeling of being present and cheering for the team.
As the secret of evolution is adaptation, the COVID-19 time is a period in the human history that can be used to elevate our beliefs and adapt innovation in life and in sports.
LJQ has been focusing the last two years in developing a new system that allows mobile games to directly influence any traditional sports. We have already adapted it to team sports like football, soccer, basketball, rugby. Our goal and our philosophy it’s to give to fans and spectators more excitement, more entertainment and most of all more engagement into the sport.
COVID-19 is threating the bankruptcy of many sports team all over the world. If there is a way to survive the crisis and find a new way of monetize, LJQ has it very clear and it’s ready to bring the fans into the game.


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